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1 Inch 5 Oz Copper Bullion Cube Element Design 999 Fine Square Bar Review

* 1 x 5 Ounce Fine Copper Cube *

* "Element" Design *

Check out the newest way to invest in copper! Featured here is a completely square 1" cube made from 5 ounces of .999 fine copper bullion. Each cube has the periodic table of elements stamped on the face of one side, along with "5 ounces" below that, and features a beautiful polished finish on the entire cube.These came to me direct from the factory, so they're as new as you can get. Each 5 ounce cube comes in a plastic sleeve, and is manufactured in the USA. The photos in this listing are not stock photos, they're taken by me of the product I'm selling, and what you receive will be in similar condition to those pictured. Please note: Though the cubes you receive will have a brilliant, polished finish, are .999 pure copper bullion, and are brand new from the factory, these are not necessarily "proof" condition, nor should they be considered "collectible". What you receive MAY (but may not necessarily) include manufacturing marks, nicks, and/or or machine oil smudges/splatters, but this is simply a result of the copper manufacturing process, and is perfectly normal for this type of product.  Please Note Before Making Offers:Due to the included free shipping, I can only accept offers for quantities of 2 or more. If you make an offer for 1 bar it will be declined, please use "Buy it Now" in that case instead. Thanks!

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Why Buy Copper?Copper rounds are extremely popular right now, being a very affordable option for both those who want to diversify their precious metals and those who are just getting into precious metals investment. Some are predicting copper to be the next silver. Over the last 5 years it has outperformed both gold, silver, and platinum at an astonishing 390% price increase. Silver went up only 185%, and gold only 150%. Shipping and Payment All orders shipped within 1 business day of payment (Saturday and Sunday do not count). If payment is received on a Friday, then the following Monday is counted as the first of those days. Please read and understand this before contacting us asking why your order has not been shipped yet.Domestic Shipping: Shipping is FREE for this item! If you add any additional items to your order that do not include free shipping, your shipping rate will never go up to more than $5.95 total, no matter how much you add! Add as many more items as you want, shipping remains at $5.95! IMPORTANT: Please wait and pay for all items at once in order to get this price, do not pay individually! If your shopping cart is not giving you the correct shipping total, let me know and I will send you an adjusted invoice. If you want to add more items to your order with the flat $5.95 shipping rate, click here to see my other listings!Local Pickup: I do offer local pickup, please let me know when paying and we can arrange this.International: Please note, you will be responsible for any duties required by your customs. To get a shipping quote for your country, please click the "Shipping and Payments" tab above.If you have any other questions, please feel free to email me! Thank you for looking!

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