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Get the latest prices on rare coins for sale, New 1928 Canadian Nickel coins, including US,Silver Coins,Gold Bars,Foreign,Silver Bars,Gold Coins,Canadian,Copper Coins,Brands,Copper Bars. Up to date coin values and cost.

Find the value of 1928 Canadian Nickel and coins that are available on the market. Rare 1928 Canadian Nickel are not readily available and often have a higher value than other coins. Coin appraisers have found this item to sell in the range shown below. Looking for the best values on your antique and rare coins can be fun. Review all of our coins for sale on this page. Compare 1928 Canadian Nickel with US, Silver Coins, Gold Bars, Foreign, Silver Bars, Gold Coins, Canadian, Copper Coins, Brands, Copper Bars.

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