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Find the value of Estate Hoard Lincoln Wheat Cents 1909 1958 and coins that are available on the market. Rare Estate Hoard Lincoln Wheat Cents 1909 1958 are not readily available and often have a higher value than other coins. Coin appraisers have found this item to sell in the range shown below. Looking for the best values on your antique and rare coins can be fun. Review all of our coins for sale on this page. Compare Estate Hoard Lincoln Wheat Cents 1909 1958 with US, Canadian, Brands, Gold Coins, Silver Bars, Foreign, Gold Bars, Silver Coins, Copper Bars, Copper Coins.

Estate Hoard Lincoln Wheat Cents 1909 1958 Review

✯ ESTATE HOARD! LINCOLN WHEAT CENTSWe just purchased a nice hoard of wheat cents in canvas bags. After opening one bag and looking at what it contained, we found a 1909, a few teens, several 1920's and early 1930's as well as a few steel cents. We do not have the time to go through these so we decided to sell them by the roll and leave the fun of the hunt for you!For each BIN you will receive 1 ROLL of wheat cents (50 coins) chosen at random from this hoard. We accept PayPal for payment. If you are purchasing multiple items please request a total before paying so we can combine shipping charges for you.Your satisfaction is GUARANTEED!Some of what customers are saying about these rolls:Absolutely the BEST rolls of wheat cents I have ever gotten. Thank you very much.Super fast delivery, and great mix of dates! Very satisfied. Thanks.Always lots of fun! A truly fantastic seller - thank you for the extras :) A+++What a sweet heart she is. Would order over and over from her!Be sure to visit our store for many more great items.

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