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Huge Treasure Trove Lot Goldsilverbullion Barsgemstonesrare Coins Etc Review

THIS IS WITHOUT QUESTION THE BEST LOW COST LOT VALUE YOU WILL FIND ON EBAY...PERIOD!! THIS IS AN UNBEATABLE 70++ ITEM LOT AND INVESTMENT THAT IS GUARANTEED TO INCLUDE PRECIOUS METALS, COINS, CURRENCY, GEMSTONES, RARE ITEMS,FOSSILS, JEWELRY, BULLION BARS and MORE!!! This is a value easily higher and more diverse than what you pay for anywhere else!! This is a superb offer that I guarantee nobody can duplicate. You will be receiving a premium, high quality 70-80 item lot and will be thrilled with every penny that you spend on it, I guarantee you will not be disappointed! I have a limited quantity of these lots available, and at this amazing price, THEY WILL NOT LAST LONG! Once these are gone,that's it, they're gone, so Why Wait? WHERE THESE ITEMS CAME FROM I am a traveler, collector, and adventurer. I go across the world hunting for treasures, new and old. I've made finds in Asia, Africa,Europe and of course here in the United States! From villages hours away from any driveable road, shipwrecks, isolated islands, dusty thrift store shelves, deserted mines and mountain treks, this huge journey across the globe has led me to acquire thousands of rare and valuable items. Many of those items had been untouched, unsorted,and never traveled before. There is just an incredible variety of vintage coins, currency, stones, antiques and so much more present in this lot. I've broken this beautiful hoard down into smaller 70-80 item lots which are now ready to be passed over to you at blowout prices! There is no junk in this lot, these come from my private collection which I am proud to share with the world. To seal the deal on this unbeatable offer, I have listed several guaranteed items you will receive in every lot; these lots are the Best of The Best, nothing comes close to what you'll get from these other so-called lot blowouts. If you doubt me, go ahead and see what else you can get for this price, but bookmark this page first!! A value that normally goes for hundreds of dollars can be yours for just $49.99, only while supplies last! FAST...AND FREE SHIPPING!! THE GUARANTEES A TOTAL OF 70-80 ITEMS IN EVERY LOT PRECIOUS METALS & BULLION This is a steal unlike any other lot you will find here on eBay!! I will randomly select from my bars, coins and nuggets of bullion SILVER, GOLD and PLATINUM! Please note I will only guarantee at least one precious metal, though more will certainly be included in some lots!! I do this because you are actually looking for items worth investing in. These will be of actual value, NO flakes in vials.Whether you buy from me or not, please Google search the "value"of gold flakes, and BEWARE of anyone trying to sell you lots that pass these off as a valid gold investment. The majority of them don't even contain real gold!! If it's not in a nugget or some recognized bullion form do not trust it!!!! You will also receive ONE (1) BU WALKING LIBERTY TROY OUNCE COPPER BULLION COIN, an absolutely beautiful piece of mintage already worth more than its weight!! RARE AND VALUABLE COINS USA Every lot will include FOUR (4) rare coins or currency from the United States- these include silver coins, entire proof sets, uncirculated coins, mercury dimes, PCGS graded, rare minting errors, buffalo nickels, silver half dollars, Ike and Morgan dollars,and other gems from our history! At least one coin will be minted during World War II, a wartime-era coin! At least one coin will be over one hundred years old! At least one coin will be SILVER!! You will also receive a grab bag of TEN (10) unsorted Lincoln wheat pennies! World Every lot will include FOUR (4) rare coins from across the world, and these will include uncirculated coins, silver, proof coins, entire proof sets, shipwrecks, out of circulation and more! At least one coin will be over one hundred years old, many from the 1800's! You will also receive a grab bag of TEN (10) world coins, many of which have EXCELLENT monetary value!! GBP, Euros,Canadian dollars, 500 yen, 5 Rand, etc, are just some of the coins that pop up in this great addition! Bonus Silver or Gold! Every lot will also receive ONE (1) additional international SILVER OR GOLD COIN from my drawer, many of which are gorgeous historical commemoratives or tributes! These are either partial or entirely silver or gold, and many weigh at over an ounce!! Medieval Every lot will include ONE (1) MEDIEVAL COIN, WOW!!! You will not find these everywhere, this is a gorgeous lot that I have and includes silver and gold coins, some dating all the way to early AD and Ancient Greece!! GEMSTONES Being a lover of stones, this selection is from an incredible collection I am very proud of!! Every lot will include THREE (3) CUT gemstones,and TWO (2) RAW gemstones! EVERY LOT will include a high-grade, non-synthetic SAPPHIRE, RUBY OR EMERALD!! The other gemstones that come from my collection may include: ammolite, amythest, apatite (I have blue, red, green and yellow!), chrome diopside, citrine, diamond, Ethiopian opal, labradorite, lapis lazuli, laramar, morganite, Nepal kyanite, pearls (I even have a few Tahitians in some lots!!), spinel, topaz, tourmaline, zircon and more!!! In the first 30 lots, I have also randomly placed some of the following SUPER RARE gemstones: alexandrite, Libyan Desert glass, moldavite, red Utah beryl and tektite meteor!! Each lot will also come with a bag of TWENTY (20) polished raw gemstones,which many are semi-precious include amythest, aquamarine, lapas lazuli, opal, tourmaline, peridot and more!!! RARE FOSSILS Every lot will include TWO (2) ancient fossils.These gorgeous pieces of the past include amber, ammonite, mammoth,mososaur, sharks, spinosaurus and more! Some of the SUPER RARE itemsthat I have placed randomly in these lots include entire MEGALODON TEETH and GIANT GEMSTONE AMMONITE SPECIMENS! These fossils are all real, not a single replica in the lots!! MYSTERY TREASURE OF THE WORLD Every lotwill include ONE (1) piece of jewelry, carving,artifact, antique, or some other little goodie from my travels around the world! Many of these pieces are RARE, OLD or HANDMADE! Some pieces also include GOLD, SILVER and PRECIOUS STONES!! Included also will be some stunning beads, including silver, laramar, jade,Swarovski crystal, and AAA red seal coral!! My Best Surprise YET!!!! In addition to all the amazing items above, in ONE SPECIAL LOT of this group I have placed a 1 TROY OUNCE SILVER BAR OR ROUND, stamped from a reputable mint!!!! Yes, you did read that correctly, retailing at nearly half the cost of this lot alone the lucky buyer who gets this lot will have everything above (and ALL the bonuses below if they purchase multiple lots), AND be holding a solid 1 TROY OUNCE BAR OR ROUND OF SILVER in their hands. Unfortunately I do not remember which lot I put it in, so it is completely random, all that I can 100% guarantee is it is in the first 30 and it is the real deal! Need I say more? *BONUSES!!!* Buy 2 or more lots and receive a GENUINE PIRATE TREASURE COIN!!! This is a brand new addition to my lots and I only have a limited quantity, but these beauties are the real deal! Recovered from shipwrecks and excavations, and ranging in date anywhere from the 1400's to 1700's, these gems of pirate history are a thrill to have in any collection!! Buy 4 or more lots and receive an 1800's SILVER MORGAN DOLLAR! This beautiful historical American coin is over a hundred years old and weighs in at nearly an ounce of pure silver!!! Buy 6 or more lots and receive a SILVER MEDIEVAL COIN!!! Wow! These gorgeous relics of the past are not around much anymore, and are incredibly rare. Guaranteed 1600's or older!! Buy 8 or more lots and receive a natural, nonsynethic RED DIAMOND, one of the rarest stones in the WORLD!!!!! Buy 10 or more lots and receive a HISTORIC GOLD COIN!!! These are gorgeous pieces of history, and are either partially or entirely PURE GOLD and some are over a hundred years old!! These bonuses are stacked, so if you bought 10 lots you would receive a bonus of the genuine Pirate Treasure Coin, 1800's Silver Morgan Dollar, Silver Medieval Coin, Red Diamond and Historic Gold Coin...That's an amazing deal!! So that said, please consider buying more than one lot!! It helps keep shipping low for me, and keep offering this lot at such an incredible price!! Shipping will always be free for you, and I will be surprised if you purchase just one lot with this incredible deal, considering you will receive an incredible value in bonus items alone!! These are gem gifts for friends and family, and the value of these items keeps going up and up. I guarantee you will love your lot of PRECIOUS METALS, COINS, CURRENCY, GEMSTONES AND JEWELRY! These are the treasures of the world in your hand. NO TWO LOTS ARE THE EXACT SAME!! So if you are tired of the same catch from vendors selling the supposed ultimate treasure lots and always disappointing, then here you will receive guaranteed quality for your items. There is no deal on the internet as good as this one, my goal is to make you happy, and to share a part of my travels with you. I may not have as many reviews,but I can promise you one thing: I've seen the good deals and the bad alike, and I know what you're looking for. You can buy with confidence from me. You will not receive everything you see in those pictures, because it is such a huge lot (the photos only show a fraction of it!!), I can't pick out specific dates or items for you. If, however, you buy more than one lot I will make sure there is some more variety than usual for you!! These lots will make superb starter collections, gifts for your family or friends, valuable items to resell, or as great investments. These items keep going up and up and I can't take everything with me where I go now; I've had a great adventure and want to share some of it with you as you continue your own adventure!! Buy one, or as many as you desire, this is a great way to own 70-80 FANTASTIC PIECES OF HISTORY AND THE WORLD'S TREASURES!! To recap, what you get: -A SELECTION OF GOLD, SILVER OR PLATINUM OF VARYING WEIGHTS!! -1 TROY OUNCE BU WALKING LIBERTY COPPER BULLION COIN -4 RARE US COINS AND CURRENCY, AT LEAST ONE OF WHICH WILL BE OVER 100 YEARS OLD AND AT LEAST ONE WILL BE SILVER!! -10 UNSORTED LINCOLN WHEAT PENNIES -4 RARE WORLD COINS AND CURRENCY, AT LEAST ONE OF WHICH WILL BE OVER 100 YEARS OLD!! -10 WORLD COINS GRABBAG -1 INTERNATIONAL SILVER OR GOLD COIN -1 MEDIEVAL COIN -3 CUT GEMSTONES, INCLUDING ONE RUBY, SAPPHIRE OR EMERALD -2 RAW GEMSTONES -20 POLISHED RAW GEMSTONES -2 FOSSILS -1 PIECE OF JEWELRY, ANTIQUE, CARVING, OR OTHER TREASURE OF THE WORLD -MIXED LOT OF 10-20 GORGEOUS BEADS Count total: 70+items! 70-80 incredible items for an amazing price, BUT ONLY WHILE SUPPLIES LAST!! This is a personal collection and so I can guarantee quality but not unlimited quantity!! Thank-you for your business! I know you will love this amazing collection of the world's treasures!! Visit my blog at fortheloveoftreasure.wordpress.com for more tips, ideas and goodies in the wonderful world of collecting!

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